About Neighbor Tim's BBQ Catering

Specializing in slow-smoked Texas Style Brisket and Carolina Pork Shoulder, while utilizing a custom made Texas Style offset smoker. 

Neighbor Tim's BBQ, ropes in the finest local prime-grade Santa Barbara meat and applies a 24-hour spice rub. We then fire up our custom steel smoker and over the next 14 hours, slowly burn natural apple and hickory wood. Harnessing this low and slow method of smoking meat gives our final product a sweet and savory flavor along with that cowboy kick of spice! 

Our catering and food truck services not only offer smoked meats such as Texas Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Tri-Tip, but we also cook up traditional and flavorful sides and dessert. Next, in the works is our Neighbor Tim’s BBQ Sauce product line which will be coming to a retailer near you!!!


Keep Eating!!!

Neighbor Tim                                                                                                                                                                           

Pitmaster/Owner                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rotary Club Member - Goleta, CA

Who we are:

We are a genuine Texas style BBQ team made up of a farm-boy husband and surfer-girl wife.  We’ve been taking on the Santa Barbara community not by just bringing the best smoked meat product there is, but to serve our guests with as much genuineness and respect as our neighbors deserve. 

Neighbor Tim is the name I like to go by, simply because that’s what I am.  I’m a neighbor first and a name second.  Having been born and raised on a three generation cattle and wheat farm in South Dakota.  Growing up, my mom and dad taught us kids to love your neighbor and to love your enemy even more. Hard work was just called work where I come from.  Our food grew from the ground behind our house or we just chased it down and around the cattle pasture.   

My beautiful wife, the NTBBQ Queen, as she likes to be called, came into my life the night before the very first BBQ gig. A catering gig comprising of over 175 lbs of meat so you can only imagine what was going through her head on what she was getting into.  She is a third generation Santa Barbara native that has shown this dirt hick a thing or two about California living.   The NTBBQ Queen has a servant’s heart, a heap of grace, and smile that pulls you in stronger than the sweet smell of our oak and apple wood smoke.

Her and I pair together better than our smoked brisket and homemade BBQ sauce. It is our passion to provide and serve the best BBQ at your special event with our message that simply states: We are all Neighbors!

Our Mission

  • To encourage our customers and spread the message that We are all Neighbors.  This message of we are all neighbors is that we need to be respectful of one another even to those neighbors whom you may disagree with.  We encourage and promote the possibility that you can respect the neighbors you don’t like as much as the neighbors that you do like

  • To utilize as many local resources and purveyors within the neighborhoods where we offer our services

  • To have a steadfast focus on acquiring, promoting, and offering 100% American made products

  • To maintain and preserve genuine BBQ as a craft and skill, this in turn will deliver for our guests the best flavors, product, and experience